Advanced Control frequency inverters

Advanced Control introduces to its product line-up frequency inverters for different industrial applications. These inverters have all required technical features in order to cope with common variable-frequency drive task.

Frequency inverters are used to control the speed of induction motors by varying the frequency of the motor supply voltage. Variable-frequency electric drive allows to control speed in a wide range, both during operation and acceleration/deceleration. Frequency inverters also protect the motor against overload, therefore the service life of electrical and mechanical parts of equipment increases. Usage of variable-frequency drive is economically sound in a variety of machines and can achieve up to 60 % of energy saving.

Product line-up of Advanced Control frequency inverters includes compact (C210, C410), general purpose (B410) series and series for pump application (P410) and covers wide capacity range from 0,4 - 1000 kW.

All functions of these inverters are well-targeted that allow to take into account any consumer's needs and technological features of process flowsheet.

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