Advanced Conrol's soft starter VersiStart i III now available up to 1600A

The three-phase-controlled fully digital soft starter "VersiStart i III" is available in the power range from 7,5 to 800kW. Depending on the rating required, the device is offered in six types of different size.

Advanced Control's soft start systems ensure low-wear and smooth starting of machines and equipment, and thus prevent jerky motions, high mechanical stress and unwanted current peaks otherwise occuring.

The newly developed VersiStart i III series is a low-priced alternative to star-delta starters. This intelligent solution not only provides a high level of functionality but also enables trouble-free and individual parameterization according to customer's requirements.

The complete product range commands an integrated root-3 circuit (6-wire) and offers cost saving potential as it allows to select smaller dimensioned devices. A Quick Setup menu (eight languages) makes it easy for the user to put the device into operation. Pre-set applications can be graphically called via an LC display , and thus, e.g., graph representation of the motor characteristics in real time is possible.

Wiring work is reduced to a minimum, because VersiStart i III generally features an integrated bypass relay up to 110kW. From the middle of 2010, we will offer you this advantage up to 550kW.

Two separately adjustable parameter blocks are able to realize various applications with one starter. Using Adaptive Acceleration Control, VersiStart i III learns your motor's performance during start and stop, and then makes the optimum adjustments. Depending on the requested profile best suitable for the load type, the soft starter automatically ensures the smoothest possible acceleration for your load.

A Jog-function allows the user an operation at the reduced speed for forward and reverse run of the motor; this is also referred to as JOG reverse operation. To shorten the deceleration time of high-inertia loads, VersiStart i III is equipped with an electronic d. c. brake. Comprehensive technical features and many customized motor protection functions make this product an unbeatable device.

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