New soft starter generation VersiStart i II now also available up to 200A

Advanced Control is introducing its new soft starter generation VersiStart i II for the power range from 7.5KW to 110KW. Devices of this type are available as of now. With its compact design, the microcontroller-controlled soft starter is extremely space- and cost-saving.

Advanced Control's soft start systems ensure low-wear and smooth starting of machines and equipment by preventing jerky motions, high mechanical stress and unwanted current peaks otherwise occurring. The new development presented here substantially extends the wellknown and proven VersiStart II series in terms of motor power and intelligent functionality.

Current-controlled starts with all devices

Soft starters of Advanced Control's type series VersiStart i II are equipped with a microcontroller providing a maximum variety of control functions. These functions include a potential-free control input for soft acceleration and deceleration, an input for connecting a motor thermistor, as well as signaling outputs, one of which is freely programmable. Six parameters separately adjustable via the control panel enable the soft starter to be precisely adapted to the respective techical requirements. The microcontroller monitors the machine status during the starting and stopping phase and, via state-of-the-art control principles, it ensures controlled and, above all, smooth and wear-reducing operation of electric motors.

With VersiStart i II soft starters, sudden pressure surges on drive components, as they occur, for instance, when abruptly switching pumps off, can be avoided. In addition, current-ramp acceleration ensures that, in the case of high-inertia starts, the breakaway torque can be quickly overcome. An integrated "motor protecting switch" function with an adjustable tripping characteristic protects the motor against overload. For integration into higher-level control systems, a Modbus-, a Profibus- and an AS-i-module are available.

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